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Less than 15mn away

From Villa Panorama, you can get to so many local attractions and activities. Here's a little selection of those.

Villa panorama - Sand beach in Torremolinos
Sand beach in Torremolinos
Villa panorama - Malaga's bullring and pier
Malaga's bullring and pier
Villa panorama - Crocodile Park
Crocodile Park
  • Sandy beaches
  • Tapas bars
  • Picasso Museum
  • Crocodile Park
  • Equestrian ranch
  • Golf
Villa panorama - Golf course
Golf course
Villa panorama - Andalucian nightlife
Andalucian nightlife

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Visit Andalucia

Villa Panorama is ideally located close to Malaga airport, and close to most transport links to Andalucia.

Villa panorama - Ronda
Villa panorama - Granada
Villa panorama - Malaga
  • Less than 2km from beach
  • Less than 2km from town center
  • 10mn from Malaga airport
  • 15mn from Malaga
  • 1-2h from most of Andalucia

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