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Fine cuisine

We organise Gastronomy weeks at the villa. You can get taught how to cook local recipies in a relaxed atmosphere, and you will bring back home so many new ideas and recipies of the Mediterranea.

The chef and waiting staff are available to hire for guests, for dinner, picnic lunch, bbq, special nights such as Greek, eastern Mediterranean, Spanish, Moroccan, and more...

Villa panorama - A variety of Mediterranean Cuisine made in front of you
A variety of Mediterranean Cuisine made in front of you
Villa panorama - Get ready for your cooking lessons!
Get ready for your cooking lessons!
Villa panorama - Now it's your turn!
Now it's your turn!
  • Order your meals anytime
  • Learn how to cook with a Chef at hand
  • Have fun while cooking
  • Eat all when done!
  • Kitchen easily accommodates 8 wanabe-Chefs
  • Most styles of Cuisines available
Villa panorama - Desserts for 14
Desserts for 14
Villa panorama - Refreshing entrée
Refreshing entrée
Villa panorama - Dining table is laid...
Dining table is laid...
Villa panorama - ... and meat is ready
... and meat is ready

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