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The Gardens at Villa Panorama

The Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the Costa del Sol allows many stunning and exotic plants and fruits to thrive here in the gardens of Villa Panorama, with all year round amazing colours. Oranges, lemons, apricots and figs. Bougainvilleas, lavender, rosemary and thyme. Giant palms, bananas and bird of paradise to name but a few.

Villa panorama - By the top pond
By the top pond
Villa panorama - Path in between the two ponds
Path in between the two ponds

The villa is set in the middle of a 2105 m2 garden, splitting it in two parts, front and back.

The front garden is the most used, with a 500 m2 lawn, two interconnecting ponds, the swimming pool area, a large shaded area, parking space, and other dedicated plant and tree spaces. The back garden is a rocky garden, the ideal place for unusual exotic plants, setting the scene for a retired peacefull retreat.

Villa panorama - A view of the lawn
A view of the lawn
Villa panorama - Lower ponds and lawn
Lower ponds and lawn
Villa panorama - View over the ponds
View over the ponds
Villa panorama - Gold fish
Gold fish
  • Two interconnected ponds
  • Rare gold fish
  • King palm trees
  • Banana trees
  • Exotic plants
  • Lemons and oranges
  • Secluded little areas
  • Large lawn
  • Chanting frogs!
Villa panorama - Water lillies
Water lillies
Villa panorama - Colors from closer
Colors from closer
Villa panorama - Fresh lemons from the tree
Fresh lemons from the tree
Villa panorama - Over 3m high cactus
Over 3m high cactus

This amazing and very large garden will take you far away from the daily routine of work, and will inspire and recharge you.

The villa's elevated position above neighbours will also ensure total privacy as the garden is never overlooked, but benefits from exceptional views down the bay.

Villa panorama - Birds of paradise
Birds of paradise
Villa panorama - Exotic plants
Exotic plants

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